Organizations often suffer from the inability to clearly communicate the latest policies, operating procedures, manuals and guides, as well as other important information that employees need to properly conduct their duties and responsibilities. The problem stems from a lack of access to these important materials due to the outdated communication methods such as team meetings, e-mails, and word of mouth communication. Traditional methods have a tendency to exclude certain employees and cause confusion as information is distorted and misinterpreted a long the way. The Training application from MyOfficeTool allows managers to disseminate information to their employees by uploading and organizing content, in any format, and making it accessible to anyone, anywhere. The option for managers to be notified of which employees have viewed which materials is invaluable and ensures that your organization's latest policies and procedures are quickly adopted.

Benefits   for   Managers

- Guarantee   an   appropriate   response   to   crisis   situations   by   having   procedures   readily   accessible
- Easily   upload   content   in   formats   such   as   word   documents,   PDF's,   videos,   spreadsheets,   etc.
- Eliminate   conflicts   caused   by   misinformation   through   updated   policies   and   procedures

Benefits   for   Employees

- Easy   access   to   training   information   enabling   them   to   perform   better
- Encourage   safe   practices   by   having   WHMIS   and   other   important   information   available
- Eliminate   the   need   to   involve   management   in   disputes   revolving   around   policies   and   procedures

Benefits   to   Organization

- Increased   accountability   for   employee   performance
- Centralized   communication   ensures   that   all   levels   of   membership   are   aware   of   their   duties   and   responsibilities
- Can   be   quickly   updated   and   made   to   notify   employees   about   changes   ensuring   the   quick   adoption   of   new   policies   and   procedures

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