Meet The MyOfficeTool Inc. Team

Patrick Millward

Patrick Millward - CEO

        If Patrick were a book, he'd be a pop-up one, the kind with pictures of rabbits and vegetables and where there is no ambiguity about what he is trying to convey. That is not to say that his messages are somehow less intelligent or articulate so that even infants can understand them, in fact the opposite is true as his clear and succinct decision making suits his leadership position as CEO. As MyOfficeTool's founder, Patrick benefits from the perks associated with this position such as a slightly nicer cubicle and priority to call shotgun on office road trips. Patrick is also responsible for all the programming that goes into the product and therefore benefits by knowing that the fate of the company is all but entirely in his hands. While lesser men might quiver in fear or be crushed by the heavy burden that such a position holds, Patrick embraces it and uses it to fuel his programmathons which have been known to last as long as he is able to remain conscious and shortly thereafter as he has a tendency to code in his sleep; we suspect that Patrick dreams in php. It is fortunate that Patrick's hobbies and his work responsibilities are so closely aligned, were it any other way days would have to be made longer in order to accommodate any new activities..

Carlos Portilla

Carlos Portilla - Cheif Designer

        Not much is known about our elusive chief designer, Carlos Portilla; much about him remains a mystery. When pressed about his origins he simply responded with, 'the unknown'; confused, we quickly stopped asking after that. What we do know for a fact is that in a previous life Carlos was some kind of famous renaissance artist, perhaps Divinci, Michelangelo, or Lorenzo or some other such famous type. This fact is evidenced by his creativity and proficiency with the modern reinterpretations of the classical art tool. The paint brush tool, the eraser tool, and the magic wand tool are all slaves to Carlos's masterful stroke as his original creations, masterpieces in their own right, adorn the pages of the MyOfficeTool site and software. From where he draws his inspiration is unknown, perhaps the same place as his origin, but we encourage his development by making him responsible for creating unique icons, pictures, and website layouts in Photoshop and other programs. Carlos is also heavily involved in the product development phase always bringing new and exciting ideas to the table. They're not all winners, MyOfficeTool Fruit Juicer being a particular dud, but his enthusiasm for the creative process more than makes up for his wild delusions. Overall, the mud that Carlos throws against the wall in the hopes that it will stick is a unique kind of mud whose stick to fall off ratio is exceptionally high and is thus a valued member of our team.

Thomas Kazhikkachalil

Thomas Kazhikkachalil - Manager of Business Operations

        Tom, or 'Big K' as absolutely no one calls him, enjoys the simple pleasures in life: fast cars, exotic resorts, super models. Admittedly, Tom currently enjoys none of these things but that does not stop him from dreaming. As a hard working and motivated individual, Tom's entrepreneurial spirit drives him to do the best possible job so that he may one day consume those pleasures that he so desperately seeks; the fact that MyOfficeTool benefits as a result of his own pursuits is of little concern. As Manager of Business Development Tom is responsible for exploring those previously neglected areas of concern such as new business opportunities, new product ideas, and what colour the office post-it notes should be. The immense sum of energy exuded by Tom as a result of his hard work is matched only by the amount of time he spends looking at his reflection in the mirror. We at MyOfficeTool tend not to interfere with this, or any other of his unusual activities, fearing that it might disrupt his personal creative cycle thus severing our link to his genius.

Glen Tremblay

Glen Tremblay - Director of Communication

        With a background in communications and journalism, Glen is passionate about only two things; writing and playing video games, the latter having nothing to do with his background but is true all the same. He believes that clear and concise communication, in all its forms, is the heart and soul of any organization and that without it all aspects of business would cease to be possible. Whether or not this is in fact true is less his concern as he writes his various content as though it were. If you've read it on this site, Glen has either written it, edited it, or demanded that it exist. Glen's friendly and outgoing personality shines when the situation merits such as MyOfficeTool's social media initiatives for which he is responsible, notably our Twitter and Wordpress Blog. Typically attracted to comfortable jobs with loads of job security, Glen's attitude suddenly and irreversibly changed when he was told that he could choose any title he wanted eventually settling on his current one (note: Glen is also the self appointed Executive Vice-President-Director of Party Time Excellence).