The MyOfficeTool Scheduling application turns what is an otherwise tedious and time consuming task into a simple, quick, and effective means of conveying all aspects of employee scheduling. Managers responsible for creating schedules based on the availabilities of their employees will find the scheduling application invaluable as they are visually provided with current and constantly updated information from the source: their employees. Scheduling does not have to be the painful and arduous task that it currently is when performed by the dominant paper and pencil method. The easy to use web-based application allows employees to view and make changes to their schedules which managers can then use to make accurate and accommodating schedules. The ability to view and make changes to schedules in real-time means that any confusion or miscommunication regarding shifts are all but eliminated and guarantees that shifts are covered and that employees are accountable to them.

Benefits   for   Managers

- Quick   and   easy   to   use
- Information   is   current   and   provided   directly   from   employees
- Make   changes   from   anywhere
- Ensures   employee   accountability

Benefits   for   Employees

- Can   check   schedules   and   update   availability   from   any   internet   enabled   device
- Intuitive   and   easy   to   use
- Non-invasive

Benefits   to   Organization

- Eliminates   conflicts   and   confusion   that   might   arise   from   misinformation
- Increased   employee   participation
- Better   workplace   environment

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