Managing payroll can be a time consuming procedure that involves organizing various information from different programs and sources. Sometimes that can mean the manually inputted information from time sheets or other antiquated methods. The Payroll application by MyOfficeTool eliminates inaccuracies in payroll reporting by enabling users to input specific information and variables. Working in conjunction with other MyOfficeTool applications such as Scheduling and Time Attendance, this is even easier, faster, and accurate. Managers can send the compiled information to their internal payroll department or external payroll company such as Ceridian.

        The Payroll application enables users to create customized templates by entering specific variables and values as well as conditions for those values to be met. Once these templates are complete, users need only input a limited amount of data and the Payroll application takes care of the rest. The Payroll application is ideal for both small businesses that do not have their own payroll department and large organizations with staff that have variable wages depending on a number of circumstances such as premiums and benefits.

        The Payroll application benefits employees by granting them access to the information that determines their wage without compromising the data. The ability for employees to access this information eliminates any confusion and conflicts related to their pay cheques before it becomes a problem. In turn, organizations benefit from an increase in transparency and better workplace satisfaction. It is important to note that MyOfficeTool does not offer payroll services, merely the simple coordination of payroll information.

Advantages   to   Working   with   Other   MyOfficeTool   Applications

        The Payroll application is specifically designed to take advantage of the information provided by employees and managers in other MyOfficeTool applications to quickly and easily compile payroll information. The Payroll application simplifies the otherwise convoluted and time consuming process by receiving information such as wages, shifts, premiums, taxes, benefits, as well as other variables that can vary by employee and compiles it into one ready to send file. Working with other MyOfficeTool applications further reduces the burden placed on payroll departments by automatically making available helpful information such as employee schedules and attendance thus easily to associating the values and variables which make up the payroll process.

Benefits   for   Managers

- Easily   compile   payroll   information   regardless   of   number   of   employees
- Easily   assign   variables   such   as   wages,   premiums,   and   deductions   to   each   staff   based   on   different   conditions
- Quickly   send   payroll   information   to   the   appropriate   department   or   company   in   an   easily   accessible   format
- Increased   accuracy   in   payroll   reporting   due   to   accountability   from   employee   participation

Benefits   for   Employees

- Grant   access   to   information   that   affects   payroll   decisions   such   as   benefits   and   deductions
- Eliminate   conflicts   evolving   around   payroll   before   it   is   too   late   through   increased   access   to   information
- Allow   employees   to   participate   in   issues   revolving   around   payroll through   increased   awareness   and   accountability

Benefits   to   Organization

- Help   develop   a   positive   workplace   environment   by   eliminating   payroll   discrepancies
- Transparency   in   issues   affecting   employee   wages   encourages   payroll   best   practices
- Allows   organizations   of   any   size   to   easily   manage   large   numbers   of   staff

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