Mission Statement

        MyOfficeTool strives to improve the workplace environment within organizations of all size through increased Information, Communication, and Participation. From these three tenants does MyOfficeTool's mandate stem and drive its dedicated team to deliver the ultimate solution to the problems that plague all aspects of inter-organizational communication.


        MyOfficeTool will use innovative technologies to provide organizations information about their business that will allow them to make the most informed decisions and positively affect change.

        MyOfficeTool will provide organizations the means to communicate clearly, quickly, and as concisely as they deem necessary, the information their members require to fulfil, to the best of their abilities, the duties and responsibilities required of them.

        MyOfficeTool will encourage active participation from all organization members by making them accountable through increased transparency as well as a voice in the dialogue that occurs within organizations and affects their workplace environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

        In order to fulfil its goal to be a positively contributing member of its local and national community, MyOfficeTool will leverage its knowledge and expertise in organizational communication to facilitate the information exchange between those wishing to become involved in the community and organizations with volunteer opportunities for them. MyVolunteerTool, offered free to charities and volunteer centered organizations, allows qualifying applicants to connect with a network of individuals dedicated to improving their communities.
        We believe that a significant barrier to volunteer participation is the access to information, and the effective dissemination of available opportunities. By utilizing many of the same principles present in the MyOfficeTool management suite, MyVolunteerTool allows organizations to reach to volunteers based on the availability, location, and interests set by the volunteers. Conversely, volunteers can search for potential opportunities based on their settings or browse all the opportunities our partnered organizations have decided to make available.
        By reaching out to individuals and organizations and offering the resources that enable them to meet their goals, MyOfficeTool will encourage the positive development of its community. If you're an organization interested in using MyVolunteerTool, contact us at tremblay@myofficetool.com or check back regularly for updates on the development of MyVolunteerTool.

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