How It All Started

        MyOfficeTool was just a twinkle in the eye of our founder and CEO Patrick Millward, working at a hospital at the time, witnessed first hand the conflicts that arose everyday from miscommunication within complex organizations. Accessible participation in crucial aspects of schedules, policies and procedures, as well as payroll were often non-existent and the source of many internal disputes. Patrick believed that the core of the issue was a gross lack of transparency and accountability in the current systems that dominate the workplace. Word of mouth, posters and memos, as well as e-mails have the potential to exclude those who do not have access to the means of communication through which this discussion takes place but still require this knowledge to properly fulfil their duties and responsibilities.

        Determined to improve his own working conditions, Patrick proposed creating a unified communication platform to which all employees, regardless of their level of authority, would have access; simultaneously improving their work environment and performance through access to information. Patrick believed that organizations could eliminate conflicts that resulted from inconsistent information and set forth to make it so. Since then and through countless iterations, each better than the last, Pat has developed what is today known as the MyOfficeTool Workforce Management software; a system of applications working together to bring businesses and their employees the information they need and would otherwise not have access to.

        Currently, the MyOfficeTool Team continues to develop new applications to solve problems faced by organizations through innovative technology and a new approach to inter-organizational communication. Together, Patrick and his team of dedicated employees continually strive to improve the MyOfficeTool solution in the hopes of eliminating all future workplace conflicts and remove ambiguity resulting from a lack of access to information and an inability to participate.

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