Time   Attendance

        The Time Attendance application offers businesses insight into the minutia involving employee shift attendance and breaks by noninvasively gathering data from employees. With the option to integrate a biometric fingerprint reader, the MyOfficeTool Time Attendance application ensures that employees are accountable for their shifts. Time Attendance eliminates guessing as employee attendance is documented in real-time and kept on record, allowing managers to access meaningful information on demand

Benefits   for   Managers

- Accurate   employee   time   attendance   data
- Easily   compile   reports   and   analyze   long   term   trends   based   on   various   criteria
- Make   informed   decisions   to   take corrective   action

Benefits   for   Employees

- Enable   employees   to   track   their   personal   progress   and   helps   them   to   make   adjustments
- Makes   employees   accountable   for   their   shifts   and   encourages   punctuality
- Gives   employees   reassurance   that vtheir   time   at   work   is   being   properly   tracked

Benefits   to   Organization

- Helps   monitor   which   employees   are   punctual   and   which   are   prone   to   tardiness
- Ensures   that   employees     are   abiding   by   policies   as   set   forth   by   the   organization
- Allows   for   corrective   action   based   on   accurate   information

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Time Attendance